Burpee is a full-body workout that can provide a number of fitness benefits. In the earlier years, those who need to carry out strenuous activities on a regular basis, particularly the elite military forces and football players, were the only ones who took on burpee exercises. At this point, burpee is no longer exclusive to a particular demographic. Anyone who has determination and discipline can take on it!

Many fitness buffs take on burpee exercises to build strength, burn fat, and enhance endurance. Burpee exercises can be executed anywhere. You do not have to acquire an expensive gym membership to do it. You can do it at your own place, pace, and time.

The basic burpee is performed by squatting with hands in front, positioned on the floor. You will then extend your feet away from your body and do the pushup position. Have your feet back on the squat position and then bob up as high as you can from the squat position. Repeat the steps in fast sequence.

Burpee has a number of variations. You can choose from several burpee exercises based on your perseverance. Below are some samples of burpee exercises you can try.

•                100 Burpee Challenge - As the name suggests, this variety requires you to perform 100 burpees as fast as you can. You can stop when you're tired and resume when you're ready until you finish 100 burpees.

•                2-Minute Drill - Have your stop watch ready for this burpee exercise. Set it for 2 minutes and find out how many burpees you can carry out in this period.

•                Descending Burpee Ladder - This exercise should start with 10 burpees. When you are done, take a rest for a minute then proceed with 9 burpees. Follow the descending pattern until you reach with just one rep.