As we all know exercise is good and is safe but when it comes to pregnant women, there are some exercises that should be avoided as it may harm them while performing those exercises.
Some exercises can be harmful because of over exertion which not only affects the mother but also the baby. So, it is always advised pregnant women who exercise should be aware about the exercises that they need to avoid. By being aware about these said exercises, they can exercise peacefully and have a safe pregnancy state.

Following are some of the exercises that should be avoided by pregnant woman.
The foremost thing a pregnant woman needs to consider before exercising is the safety of her child. Keeping this in mind, any exercise which can lead to a fall needs to be completely avoided. Exercises like snowboarding, gymnastics, horseback riding are all known to have a tendency to fall. So it must be avoided strictly. 

Another form of exercise that needs to be avoided is the exercise which would entail them into using the back for sitting along with sit ups. This kind of exercise decreases the blood flow to the uterus which would result in one's heart rate to fall down. 

Exercises are not the only thing that women need to restrict during pregnancy but also the places they visit needs to be reconsidered. Women are advised not to go to places with high altitude as high altitude places have less oxygen levels which will cause in a reduced intake of baby's oxygen needs.