Fitness is a dilemma, it can be attained if work out is done in a regular manner. But it depends on many factors including quality of food intake, type of work out, body conditions and mental health.
All the goals to a fit body are a dream if the diet intake is not proper. Nutritional intake of food like fish, pulses, and organic vegetables is the key to a healthy body which can be fit. Ask the trainer to design a diet and follow it strictly.

Eat in intervals and more often. This increases metabolism. Eat more in the morning and less in the evening makes the ground rule. While having food take care that the bowls and cups used are of small quantity. This will limit the amount and prevents overfeeding.
There is no short cut to be fit. Doing exercises like pushups, squats, weights will increase muscle work out and should be done regularly to tone up the body. Between the exercises the time taken as rest should be less. Eat fibrous food to fight fatigue.

Motivation to do exercise is the change that is visible. Fitting into old jeans is not a small thing. It pushes towards more and more energy to exercise and to be fit. Pictures accomplishing the change and people appreciating the change are relevant factors. Social Medias also does a lot to encourage fitness nowadays. What can be more encouraging than the thought of wearing a lesser size dream wear?