When it comes to fitness, a well-cooked Cauliflower has proven to be the new kales. Cauliflower are loved and preferred by many people especially those who are looking at cutting back on their meat intake as well as add more vegetables in their body. In this article, I will be sharing with ways in which you can be able to cook cauliflower and enjoy the benefits that it comes with. 

The first recipe in our series of articles in which we will be sharing with you great ways in which you can be able to cook cauliflower, we will be looking at the general Tso cauliflower. 

For the ingredients you will need: 

1.    One cauliflower head that has been chopped into florets (stems must be removed). 
2.    A cup of almond milk or soy milk that is unsweetened.
3.    A cup of panko bread crumbs. 
4.    A half cup regular flour. If you don’t have it then consider getting whole wheat same amount. 
5.    One and a half cup of water
6.    A quarter Apricot jam
7.    A half cup of Tamari. If you happen to lack Tamari then you could go for soy sauce same amount. 
8.    Two table spoon of corn starch
9.    One table spoon of Olive oil
10.    Three table spoon of hoisin sauce
11.    One tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
12.    One and a quarter tablespoon of grated ginger (ensure that its fresh).
13.    Four cloves of minced garlic

Once you have the ingredients required here are the instructions that you are to follow. 

Start off by preheating your oven to 425 degrees F. and then proceed by placing the flour, bread crumbs as we as the milk in separate bowls. Use shallow bowls. Take the chopped cauliflower floret dip them in the flour, followed by dipping it in the milk and lastly the bread crumbs, make sure to do this one at a time. Take the cauliflower that you have and place them on a single layer. Let them cook slowly for around thirty minutes or until you see it has started to turn golden brown. As you wait for the cauliflower to cook, take up the soy sauce, vinegar, cornstarch, apricot jam, hoisin and the water and whisk them together. Take the olive oil you had and heat it up the add the ginger, red paper flakes and the garlic. Stir the mixture until it is fragrant. Now take the soy sauce mixture and heat it until it boils, reduce the heat after it has boiled and let cook for 5 to 7 minutes until it thickens. Take the cauliflower that was cooking in the oven and coat them with the sauce. Once you have done that you are good to go. You could choose to serve it with some brown rice.