Having a baby is the best thing that can happen to you, but, what next? You were pregnant for nine months, you should get back to your regular workout. The right time for that is 6 weeks after the child birth. Before start going back to the gym, every new mother should talk with a doctor in order to determine is it the right time for her to start with exercising. If he says that you are ready, you should start with some exercises for beginners!

One of the first exercises you should do is Kegels! You should start by sitting on a bench, with your hands on hips. Your feet should be in a shoulder-width apart. Contract your pelvic muscles and stand. While holding Kegal, return to the bench and release. You should do 1-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions. If you want to make this harder, you can! Stand a foot in front of the bench. Bend elbows in front of your chest and clasp hands. Lift left leg a few inches off the ground. While bending your right knee, slowly seat on the bench. Your left leg is still lifted. Stand up immediately. The recommended number of repetitions is 12. After that, switch legs. This exercise targets pelvis muscles.

The Floor Bridges is used for hamstrings and butt. Lie down on the floor, while your arms are by your sides. Your knees are bent and your feet are flat on the floor. This is a starting position. While squiring your butt, and pressing your feet into the floor, lift off the floor. When you are up, stay in that position for 3 seconds, and then go back into starting position. Do 10-20 for each of 1-3 repetitions.