Swimming is a sport that does things in two ways. It tones your body as your swim and on a mental level, it calms and relaxes you. The bonus to swimming is that you never really feel tired when you swim. It is only after you come out you realize how tired you are. This is because of all the water that surrounds you relaxes you as you swim and yet exercises those muscles of yours to tone them. Swimming can be a great way to stay fit because it works on multifold levels. It is a dynamic workout because it stresses on physical, mental and ever spiritual well-being of a person.

While swimming you can increase your muscle output and tones your body if you do a simple freestyle lap exercise. You will feel your body muscles strengthen yet since you are swimming in water you will be able to relax simultaneously. Freestyle swimming helps to tone abs as well as your triceps and biceps. Freestyle swimming or any kind of swimming also helps you to develop your core strength. Since, maintaining your center of balance is really important while swimming you core body strength gets worked too. The backstroke is an excellent swimming stroke because it works on your back and prevents back pain. The backstroke can be difficult to master but if done correctly it can be refreshing and yet tone your back to a great extent.

The butterfly stroke is the most effective for toning your overall body and improving your stamina. It is one of the most difficult strokes but if done correctly it can help you to stay fit for a very long time. Swimming is a great exercise, it is fun, and it is sure to get you in shape.