After a long controversial career Jason Giambi has called it a career. It was a move that was expected from the 44 year old who has played 20 seasons in the majors.

In an exclusive interview with New York Daily Giambi said, “I’ve done everything I possibly can in my career…From making the big leagues to superstar to bench player to mentor, I’ve done every role you can possibly do in this game. I have two young ones and I want to get an opportunity to spend that time in their young lives. I want to be there to watch them grow.”

His baseball career began in 1995 with Oakland Athletics. He has also played for the New York Yankees, Colorado Rockies and finally the Cleveland Indians. During his career, he has had .277 with 2,010 hits, 440 home runs and 1,441 RBI. He is a five time MLB All-Star, won American League MVP award in 2000 and won Silver Slugger award in 2000 and 2002.

At some point, his career was tainted with a drug scandal in 2004 after it was brought to light that Giambi, hadbefore a grand jury confessed to using performance enhancing drugs back in 2003. It was not until 2007 when he apologized for his actions.

Giambi thanked his friends and family, fans, agents and media for their support during his career in his statement published by New York Daily News.

“Ever since I was 5 years old, all I ever wanted to be was a Major League Baseball player,” Giambi said. “To the game of baseball: I started playing you when I was a kid and I’m leaving you a man. Thank you.”