Madison Keys started fine-tuning her basic strokes in Boca Raton in Florida when she was only 9 years old. She became a professional when she was 14-year old and playing matches in Spain, France, England and Australia. However, she clearly admits that she is a Midwesterner at heart.

“I think I will always regard the Quad Cities home,” she says laughing. She born in rocky Island called Illinois, which is one of the five quad cities – of course there’re five of them that bestride the Mississippi river. Madison says that her family including her dog presently lives in Bettendorf in Lowa.

The 20-year old tennis player is presently leading a wave of most talented young US teens who trying to find a name in the world – yes she is ideal for them. Keys has her coming out party at Australian Open, wherein she easily took down Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova as well as seven time Gran Slam winner called Venus Williams en route to her very first main semifinal.

“It was a kind of honor for me to play against someone who is likely to be number one player in future,” says Venus Williams. Needless to say, Keys took this praise in stride.

“I’ve heard tennis players saying ‘I want to be number 1’, or ‘I want to win a Grand Slam.’ However, those are all also targets of mine, but I am not going to set a time limit for these goals,” she says. “Right now, my concentration is only on my game, and I don’t want to get into number games or a position, my focus is on how to play good,” Madison clarifies.