If you are a fan of the NHL, you have been following Alexander Ovechkin from the beginning of his career. The Russian player recently reached 500 goals, making him the first Russian NHL player to reach this number.

The 30 year old player marked his 500th goal in a match against the Ottawa Senators a few days ago. The match stopped and the fans erupted in applause for the milestone.

Alexander is the Captain of the Washington Capitals hockey team and one of the best players that America has ever seen. Before playing in the NHL, Alexander was part of the HC Dynamo Moscow team for 4 seasons, from 2001 to 2005. Ovechkin was injured in 2004 had to take a break for an entire season. When he recovered in 2005, his transfer to the NHL was completely unexpected, and he won the Calder Memorial Trophy for the Beginner of the Year.

Over the years, he has become even more popular as a really tough and talented player. Some say that his talent runs in the family, as his mother won two Olympic gold medals as a player in the Soviet Union’s basketball team in 1976. His father was also a professional soccer player.

Alexander is in the middle of his career and he has already reached an important milestone. Fans believe there are other milestones are in his future.