The thrill of watching a live wrestling match can never be put into words and you have to experience it on your own. The moves that they make on their opponents hurt. And each time it happens, just place a hand on your heart and you will feel alive. The penchant to experience high voltage action and drama is enormous for human beings, be it in America or any other part of the world. Wrestling is a very passionate sport as well and gaining superiority over the opponent is what drives each wrestler.
    In America, extreme commercialization of the sport has led to the emergence of Pro (Professional) Wrestling. It suits the television viewership better and the entertainment quotient of the whole sport has increased by leaps and bounds. The combination of athletics and theatrics of Pro Wrestling is seamless this has led to many negative feedbacks from critics but then again, who cares when you get your legitimate share of entertainment and drama.
    Although the matches have generally pre-determined outcomes, the loud thudding noise after a choke-slam or a suplex makes your heart pound faster and makes it feels its presence. The popularity of shows like WWE or TNA Wrestling has created a huge demand for sports like these and their popularity keeps growing day by day. Even the moves have evolved and new innovative styles of wrestling have emerged. The popularity of these shows has led to many wrestlers featuring in Hollywood movies too.