When it comes to contracts for major sports players, we are used to pretty large amounts of money and sweet endorsements that thicken up the bank account even more. It is known that the NFL is the league that pays its players well, with Jay Cutler cutting a deal of $124 million with the Chicago Bears.

General Managers of the NHL have been more cautious when assigning deals to top players. In fact, only half a dozen NHL players have contracts in the order of tens of millions. All of them are top players on their teams. Besides this, they are the most wanted people when it comes to endorsements for large companies.

According to Forbes, the No. 1 highest paid player is 28-year old Sidney Crosby with a total of $146 million, including $4 million from endorsements. Crosby has memorabilia endorsements with CCM, Gatorade, Rogers Communications, Framework, and Verizon. Playing Center for the Pittsburg Penguins, Sidney is still the most profitable player in the league. Adidas signed him to a more than $1 million/year contract. His contract with the Penguins goes for the following nine years after this season.

Jonathan Toews runs at No. 2, totaling a nice $16 million.  Toews is the Chicago Blackhawks Captain and has been champion for the Stanley Cup for three years. His endorsements include Chevrolet, Hallmark, Upper Deck, Canadian Tire, and Electronic Arts, which placed his picture on the cover of EA NHL 16.

Completing the top three list slides in Patrick Kane with a total of $14.7 million, which include $900,000 off the ice.  His contract was identical to his teammate Toews, running for the following eight years.  Kane was on the cover of EA NHL 16 but was removed after a sexual assault scandal involved him. The charges were dropped. His deals include Chevrolet, Bauer, Gatorade, Framework, and Upper Deck.