Not only men but also women hold a respectable position in the world in the field of basketball. The sport association and the USA government both actively look after the development and welfare of the women basketball team, USA. The members of the team groom the players and help them in continuous practice so that these women can become successful in embedding their names in the hearts of the sports lover. What are the playing techniques associated with the game? This is a game that is played between two teams, each with 5 players. The maximum numbers of players on the bench differs by league. As per as international rule a maximum number of players can be 7 allowed on the bench. As a result of which 12 players are there in a roster. The court gets changed at alternate set. The players are seen too active in their respective courts. This game is technically well-organized. The basketball lovers love watching the tournaments. The court differs in different tournaments. The courts are sometime hard, clay and ice courts. Basketballs are not only played on grounds but water basketball tournaments also take place. Women of USA show great interest in this game. As a result of which this game as brought the fame and name to the women players and their team. Events associated and the position the women USA basketball team holds Not only men but also the USA women basketball team holds a respectable position in the world ranking. According to FIBA ranking women basketball team, USA holds the 1st position. In respect to continental rankings the USA women basketball Team here too holds the wining position thus ranking number one in the list.