The best way to prevent getting the flu is to get vaccinated. This is especially true for children who are older than 6 months and up to 4 years of age; seniors above 50 years of age and pregnant women. These are the people who are especially at high risk.

The flu season is very unpredictable too. Scientists make a prediction as to what strains of the flu are most likely to be encountered each winter.

Why is it so important that doctors encourage the population to be inoculated for the flu? It’s because all strains of the flu are contagious and for chronically ill people, it could be fatal. Hospital staff is particularly encouraged to get the flu shot so that they don’t contract the disease from patients and they don’t inadvertently spread it to others.

There are certain people who cannot or should not get this vaccine. These are children below the age of 6 months, people who are allergic to flu vaccines, and people with serious illnesses. You will need to check with your doctor about all the possibilities before deciding to get a flu shot.

The flu vaccine shot is available at your nearest hospital, health clinics, community health centers, or pharmacies.