"Don't work until you drop" is an expression that can very well be applied to beginning runners. Running is a cardio activity that requires a lot of energy. If you are a beginner of this healthy trend, here are four basic rules that you should follow. 

Rule #1:  Find the Appropriate Gear

The type of shoes that you choose for running is important. Try a poor quality shoe and you will have sore feet that will probably just make the whole experience pretty sad.  We advise that, if possible, have a professional fitting to finding the right shoes. 

Another piece of gear that you will find useful is a running watch to keep track of your time, or you can just go with the millennial trend of using a mobile app that keeps track of the calories burned based on your weight, height, and age. For women, it is advisable to have a good, supportive jogging bra. 

Rule #2:  Make a Plan 

It is important that you make a plan on when and where you are going to be running.  You should make a commitment to stick to your schedule.  Decide what days of the week you will be going out for your run and write it on your calendar. Running mobile apps usually include a monthly or weekly running plan tailored for you. 

Rule #3:  Go Slow

Don't make the mistake of trying to run a 25k trail at once.  Your body must become accustomed to the stress and this is why a comfortable pace is important. If you begin with running continuously, taking breaks is important. You should be able to hold a conversation while running.  If you can't talk anymore, it is time to take a break.  

Rule #4:  Rest is Important

You body needs to have time to replenish. Give yourself time to rest.  Don't feel bad about not being able to run every single day.  Remember that you need to take it slowly. Once you have reached a stable state of resistance, stay consistent, and make it a habit. Make sure that your plan above includes long periods of rest.