Any form of activity that keeps a person active, both physically and mentally can be called exercise. Workouts or training can be in the gym, weight training, aerobics etc.


Due to today’s hectic lifestyle and long hours sitting all day at work, it is impossible to exercise or workout daily.


Not being physically active can negatively affect your health. A recent study shows that sitting for long hours can increase the risk of cancer by more than 60%.


There are few exercises that can be done at your desk at work:


  • Pushups for strengthening of your arms. With both the hands on your desk, place your feet as far from your desk as possible and lean at a 45 degree angle and do 12 pushups.
  • Book Press for triceps. Take a heavy book and hold it behind your back then extend arm up and drop it down and repeat.
  • Shoulder blade squeezes for improving hunched posture. Imagine there is a pencil between the shoulder blades; squeeze it for more than 10 seconds. Release and then repeat.
  • Yoga at office for stress relief. Keep your yoga mat handy at the office and then perform yoga, at intervals or breaks.
  • Chair squats for toning the lower part of the body. Stand in front of the chair and lower your body until you hit the chair edge and then stand again, repeat 12 times.
  • Leg raise for tightening of abs muscles. While sitting, straighten your leg and hold the position for 10 seconds. Lower it almost to the floor, hold and repeat with the other leg.