Good posture can be maintained and even improved during pregnancy. If you want to achieve good posture while pregnant, you should be trained on how to sit, stand, walk, and lie in a way that will prevent your back from receiving the strain of extra weight. Even if your belly is growing and this makes you feel like you are losing your balance, there are certain ways you to improve your posture.

When standing, you should make it a point to hold your head up straight. Position your chin in and avoid tilting your head either forward or backward, tilting it down or sideways. Always see to it that your chest is always ahead of your shoulder blades. Your knees should be straight but do not lock them. It will also help if you refrain from standing for a long time.

The proper way to sit during pregnancy is with your back straight. Your buttocks must reach the back of the chair you are sitting in. Always go for seats with back support. You can purchase pregnancy pillows to make sitting comfortable for you. Learn to distribute your weight on both hips. Your knees and hips must be at right angles. Avoid crossing your legs now that you are pregnant. Also, you should try to keep your feet flat on the floor.

There are exercises you can do to improve the strength of your back muscles: Pliés with a straight back while holding on to a chair back, side lying leg lifts with a pillow to support and cushion the belly, planks while resting on the forearms, and one arm rowing while steadying yourself by placing a knee and hand on a chair seat.