Millions of people across the world are suffering from the problem of arthritis in their knees and joints. Their fitness level is affected to a great extent with this condition. Though arthritis mostly occurs in the 30s and 40s, but the problem is detected at a later stage when physical activity becomes very painful. There are no such medicines available for treating arthritis in the knees for the seniors. However, there are some exercises that are effective and helpful. If the problem is detected at an earlier stage, some solutions are available, but at a later stage, it is very difficult to find a proper and effective solution. 

Exercise becomes the only remedy in such a situation. The name exercise might pose a challenge to the sufferers. However, not all exercises are difficult to perform. Moreover, there are some exercises that can be performed easily in the condition of arthritis. These are definitely a great source of relief. It is often said that mild and gentle exercises are not only less painful, but also relaxing and beneficial.

People suffering from arthritis should get involved in exercises because lack of exercises would further make them inactive. Yoga is considered as the best exercise because it is not painful. At the same time, it also offers great source of relief. By means of yoga, not only the muscles get loosened up, but also the range of motion increases. The balance and flexibility get enhanced to a great extent.