Yoga is a spectacular gift, which helps individuals to reach a state of physical and mental tranquility, but doesn’t target any specific health disorder or complication. It cultivates inner strength and builds motivation to make us believe that we are capable of combating health challenges and enriching the quality of life. Through this article, we get you a low-down on what Yoga practices do, so as to offer a paradise-like life to you. 
1- Padahastasana
This is a ‘Standing Forward Bend’ pose, where hands are stretched to touch the feet, and even knees for the first-timers. The posture flattens the belly fat when the body leans down.  This compression helps in snipping the tummy fat, and furnishing an incredible shape. This asana should be performed 10 times if you are a starter, minding a gap of 10 seconds between each repetition. 
2- Paschimottanasana
Colloquially known as Seated Forward Bend, this is a basic asana, belonging to Hatha Yoga and famous for its amazing stimulation of solar plexus center. The forward bend of this asana tone up the abdominal portion during the stretch that extends to the hamstrings and the thighs. It is a wonderful remedy for people who are at the risk of digestive disorders. 
3- Pavanamuktasana
This is an ideal Yoga posture which soothes pain and inflammation associated with gastro problems, such as constipation and indigestion. A pressure is exerted on the abdominal region which ultimately results in dwindling of the unwanted fat. This asana should be repeated 7-10 times during a session, maintaining an interval of 15 seconds.