Swelling of the gums is one of the most common dental problems that can be remedied at home using some simple remedies. There are easy and efficient ways to alleviate the irritation of gums, their sensitivity can be dealt with easily, and the pain can easily be reduced using these home remedies. 

Such measures may also be needed when the gums bleed while brushing the teeth or even applying dental floss. These symptoms may manifest themselves for a host of other reasons like gingivitis or pregnancy. 

An inclination to smoking can also lead to swelling and bleeding of the gums. Those who don’t maintain a healthy oral hygiene are more likely to develop a swelling of the gums, and consequently, their bleeding. 

Anyone can develop gums that tend to bleed. Those going through pregnancy are quite likely to develop bleeding in their gums, or those from malnourished backgrounds are also more likely to develop such issues.

The only good aspect is that the bleeding can easily be remedied at home using salt water. Salt water prevents bacteria from growing any further, and it prevents infection of any sort in the oral cavity.

Using a finger, rub your gums with some salt for a few seconds after regular brushing of the teeth. Rinse your mouth with warm water following this. Keep doing this once a day till the time you experience total relief. Following this, repeat the procedure thrice a week.

Alternatively, prepare a mixture of a teaspoon of salt and some lukewarm water in a glass. Rinse your mouth with the solution at least two times a day till the problem subsides.