You already know that organic food is much better than conventionally grown food. This means that you should go completely organic. Also, if you support organic farmers you will support your local economy. Simply said, your local economy will be in much better shape. Because you will buy food that isn’t transported from long distances, you will indirectly make less pollution. You should know that in order to transport food, people use big trucks that cause a lot of pollution. The last but not the least important benefit is that you will breathe clean air and the water you drink will be cleaner.

However, organic farming may stop the climate change. If we change our cropland into organic, the soil will capture 40% of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. Eventually, this number may be even bigger. The third largest greenhouse gases emitter is food waste. It is responsible for 3.3 gigatons of CO2. Only the United States and China make more CO2. 

Agriculture is one of the biggest pollutants in the world. Of course, this is related only to the conventional farming. It isn’t very good for us or for the planet. Conventional farming uses big machines. All of them have diesel engines that make a lot of pollution whey we use them. But, because farmers use them very day, the pollution they make is huge. On the other side, organic farming is a much better alternative. It is safer and it doesn’t cause pollution. 

Now you know that organic farming is good for you and for the environment. Of course, just one person cannot change the effect we have on the planet. But, if we all choose the organic lifestyle, our planet will be in better condition.