Furniture is an aspect of our lives that we mostly take for granted: you come home, you relax on the couch, and you sleep in your bed. Every now and then we’ll upgrade one of these items, or replace it if the wear and tear becomes too great. However, generally speaking, we don’t think much abut our furniture, especially where it comes from.

Gommaire is a new furniture company launched in 2015, and is located in Belgium. Their slogan is “Organic Living”; looking at their materials, it’s easy to see why. They use recycled teak and aluminum. This means an eye towards more sustainable manufacturing. The designs themselves also feel very natural, with woven woods and repurposed upholstery.

The Gommaire catalog is quite expansive. For indoor furniture, they have sofas, chairs, cabinets, and tables. Outdoor designs include benches, chairs, tables, and coffee tables. They also have decorative items like candles, baskets, lighting accessories, ceramics, and glassware. All have the rustic, organic feel that defines the brand.

The company is just starting to launch their product line with showcase events occurring in Europe (they held two in Frankfurt at the beginning of 2016). Growing internationally, their next event will be in Singapore from March 10-16. To stay in touch with the brand and see their products, the #Gommaire hashtag on Instagram has stunning images that really showcase how beautiful and unique these items are. You can also visit their website at, where you can register an account and order products directly.