Ever since the rise of low carb diets, there has been a lot of misconception about them. When people come across people having low carbs avoid fruits and vegetables, they seem to consider that diet as rather unhealthy. The concept of low carb diets is to concentrate of nutritious and healthy foods and as more researches are being done about this, the results seem to be rather positive. 
Following are some of the misconceptions and the truth about low carb diet

Consumption of Low Carbs leads to heart diseases: Several studies have proved that blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and various heart diseases were reduced in people who had low carb diets. A certain but a large study also proved that low carb and high consumption of animal protein and fat did not give a raise to heart diseases.

Fruits and Vegetable Restriction: People are under the belief that fruits and vegetables are restricted in a low carb diet because they are mainly carbs but generally people on low carb diet have high consumption of fruits and veggies. You can have non starchy veggies as they are at the bottom of the low carb pyramid.

Kidney Disease: There is also a misconception that low carb diets can cause kidney diseases. The reason behind this is that people with kidney diseases are generally restricted from having high protein diets as it will raise kidney disease. 

Low Carb is considered as no carbs: When people are given the notion of low carb, they consider it to be extremely low in carbs but the reality is that not even one expert endorses this for a fact. It is considered you need to have 45$ of carbs depending of individual.