South beach diet was carefully designed by a Florida-based cardiologist named Arthur Agatston. This diet helps people protect them from life threatening and serious medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes. The South Beach Diet is divided into 3 phases.
Phase 1: The first phase of diet lasts for two weeks and is aimed at eliminating cravings for foods that are rich in sugar and refined starches which also helps in jump starting weight loss. Most of the carbs are cut in this phase which includes fruit and bread as well. Fruit juices and alcohol is also restricted. You are allowed to have lean protein food, high fibre vegetables, low-fat dairy and food that contain healthy unsaturated fats.
Phase 2: In this phase, you start consuming foods which were prohibited in the first phase. You will be having foods such as Whole Grain breads, whole wheat pasta fruits and lots of vegetables until you reach your desired weight.
Phase 3: This phase is also called as maintenance phases. You follow the rules of the first 2 phases and also eat all types of food but in moderation.

Following is a typical days menu of South Beach Diet

Breakfast: Breakfast can be started with an omelette with smoked salmon or baked eggs along with a serving of spinach and ham, a cup of coffee or tea.
Lunch: Lunch consists of vegetable salad with shrimp or scallops accompanied with Iced tea or sparkling water.
Dinner: Dinner normally contains grilled tuna or pork with grilled vegetables and a salad.
Dessert: This diet allows you to have a dessert such as a ricotta cheesecake or chilled espresso custard. You can have the dessert in Phase 1 as well.
Snacks: In case you want to snack during the day, you can have a Muenster Cheese and Turkey roll up or roasted chickpeas.